Coronavirus: An Updated Message to Our Customers

As vaccinations increase, and illness rates decrease, we are all thankful that this pandemic is nearer to its end. During this past year, we have made our customers’ and employees' health and wellbeing our highest priority - and we will continue to do so. We have updated the following safety protocols to protect you, our customer, and our employees.

  • Our service will focus on the exterior of your home. Please advise us of any current symptoms or exposures - prior to requesting inside services.
  • Our employees will adhere to federal & local guidance during our services.

As this virus remains a concern, all of our employees are instructed to follow the CDC’s best practices, including frequent handwashing, wearing proper PPE including masks and/or face coverings, limiting proximity to sick individuals, and being aware of symptoms. We have established protocols and quarantines for any employees who are diagnosed with COVID-19. We encourage you to do the same, so please review the most up-to-date information here.

Finally, our hearts go out to all those affected by the Coronavirus. COVID-19 vaccines are free and available to everyone now, and we encourage everyone to get them. Please check back for regular updates, and we thank you for being a part of our Terminix Triad family.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe for you to be servicing my home?

  • As conditions change, and guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is updated, safety for our customers and our employees as it pertains to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has vastly improved.
  • We continue to follow policies and procedures put in place across our business locations to address potential exposure concerns that may arise.
  • Our current service procedures include; inspection to identify pest entry points, make preventive perimeter treatments, eliminate accessible wasp nests, and remove spiders and cobwebs, from the home’s exterior. Inside services require that we all continue to take additional safety precautions to limit exposures.

How do I know that you will not infect me with the virus?

  • Our number-one priority is the protection of all our employees and our customers. We continue to instruct all employees to stay home if they are sick. We provide health and hygiene best practice information to all employees, and continue to follow our personal protective equipment policy.

Why are you here if my health and wellbeing is your number-one priority?

  • North Carolina designated pest control as an essential service, and we can and should continue to protect the health of our customers and their property. We will – in the most prudent manner – continue to protect you and your home.

Why do I need the service?

  • Since many people are working or spending more time at home, providing pest protection is essential for the protection of your family’s health and safety. Throughout the year, many different insects and pests emerge, and it is important to maintain control of these pests.
    • Mosquitoes - transmit diseases like West Nile Virus, Encephalitis, among others, and are a severe irritant to many people when trying to enjoy their outdoor living spaces. Our mosquito service provides effective management of mosquitoes around residential and commercial properties.
    • Stinging and Biting Pests - cause painful and oftentimes allergic reactions. Wasps like yellow jackets, paper wasps, bald-faced hornets, can be kept at bay by regular inspection, treatment, and removal of nests.
    • German Cockroaches - drop egg cases that can contain up to 40 eggs, which mature in about two months. Because they reproduce rapidly, infestations quickly become severe. These cockroaches can contaminate food and spread salmonella on food contact surfaces. The presence of German cockroach allergens and droppings can aggravate and even cause asthma.
    • Ants – like the Odorous House Ants are unsightly and can transfer pathogens over areas where they crawl. Their activity is usually noted at the sink & the dishwasher, but their nests originate from outside. Carpenter Ants chew into wood. They don’t eat it, but they damage it by hollowing it out to build their nests. Fire Ants have a painful sting & are found in our southern areas.
    • Mice - can contaminate about 10 times the amount of food they eat, and feed 15 to 20 times per day. They can squeeze through an opening as small as 1/4-inch wide. Mice carry many serious disease pathogens. Most mice species are known for their ability to reproduce very quickly. A single female can produce up to eight litters per year, with an average of six pups per litter.

What type of service are you going to do?

  • Our service will focus on the exterior of your home. This will include performing a comprehensive exterior inspection to identify pest entry points, performing preventive perimeter treatments, eliminating accessible wasp nests, and removing spiders and cobwebs, from the outside.
  • Pest activity inside may require entry into the home. Please advise us of any current symptoms or exposures - prior to requesting inside services.