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Gold Plan

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About Gold Plan

Gold Plan Protects Your Home From: Ants, Roaches, Termites, Rodents, Silverfish, Spiders, and More

Your Complete Pest Control Solution

This pest control plan provides year-round protection against pests like spiders, ants, rodents, AND includes termite monitoring. Save $100 when you sign up for the Gold Plan today! 

This Includes:

Protection From Over 20 Pests
Ultimate Satisfaction Guarantee
Year-Round Termite Protection

Your Pest Concerns

Helpful information detailing your pest problems and the best ways to control them.

We have the right plan

For Your Family and Home

Gold Plan

Starting at $55/month

*Initial Fee Applies

Save $100 on a termite baiting system!

Year round protection for your family & home

Transparent Communication
Guaranteed Pest Protection
85 Years of Local Experience

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Winston Salem

I’ve been a customer for a couple of years and absolutely love their service. The rare times that I had an issue in between visits, my rep Todd is always quick to respond, arrives promptly and takes care of my problems. Great company!!

How Does Gold Plan Work?

We treat the inside and outside of your home with family-friendly methods to eradicate pest infestations and prevent termite activity. Learn more about the details of this package below:

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Initial Pest Inspection
First, we’ll complete a thorough inspection of your home or property to determine the extent of your infestation, as well as to pinpoint common entry and exit points and breeding grounds for pests.
Spider Web Removal & Sweep
We will sweep under all accessible eaves, around windows and doors, utility boxes, light fixtures, outdoor storage areas, and more to eliminate spider webs & pest breeding grounds.
Pest Control Treatments
We’ll start by treating the perimeter of your home, ensuring pests don’t enter your home. Should they find their way inside, we provide family-friendly interior treatments as well.
Termite Monitoring System
After we treat your home for termites, we will install a state-of-the-art Sentricon station at your home that provides 24/7 protection, so that you’ll never have to worry about termites again.

Learn More About Gold Plan

Here at Terminix Triad, we believe every person deserves a pest and termite-free home, and we’re happy to help you achieve that. Whether you’re dealing with cockroaches, ants, spiders, rodents, termites, or more, our experts are ready and willing to help eliminate them. From the second you call us to when we treat your home, we'll do everything in our power to deliver the results you deserve.

Is it safe for my family?

While our goal is to eliminate your pest and termite problems fast, we also want to make sure your family, pets, and the environment are safe throughout the process. We do this by offering minimally invasive pest services that do not sacrifice results. We understand the safety of your family is your number one priority—and you don't have to worry-- because it’s ours too.

Are results guaranteed?

Should pests persist in between scheduled visits to your home, we are more than happy to return at no additional cost to you to re-treat your home. Should we find any new termite activity around your home, we will re-treat your home as necessary and also cover the cost of any repairs.

Looking for additional treatment options?

Give our office a call today at 336-621-7070 to learn more about our other services, including:

  • Seasonal pest control
  • One-time pest treatments
  • Termite protection
  • Seasonal monthly mosquito control
  • and more!

Protect your home from mosquitoes too!

Did you know mosquitoes are the deadliest animal on the planet? Upgrade to our Platinum Plan and get protection against mosquitoes. 

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Get fast relief from pests today

We know you don't want to wait long for relief. Call 336-621-7070 or send our FREE quote request form to start experiencing relief from pests today!

Ultimate Satisfaction Guarantee

In the unlikely event your pests return in between visits, let us know and we'll provide free re-treatments and cover termite repairs until the problem is resolved. Guaranteed.

start protecting your home and family today!