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We'll Make Sure There Are No Vacancies for Pests!

Pests and bed bugs can sneak into even the cleanest of hotels. By the time you’ve spotted a pest, it may be too late. There could be hundreds living just out of sight. Let Terminix Triad help protect your lodging and hotel business with our safe and effective pest control services!

Lodging and Hospitality Pest Control

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Few things can damage a property’s reputation or occupancy levels faster than a pest problem. Pests can:

  • Shut down parts of your business such as food service.
  • Cause a guest to check out early, refuse to visit again, demand a refund or generate a negative reputation through word of mouth or review sites like Google+ and Yelp.
  • Introduce diseases and bacteria into your property, creating a potential health risk to guests and employees.
  • Hurt your bottom line -- don't let this happen without the right pest protection in place.

Our Integrated Pest Management Approach

Our pest control experts will develop a solution custom-built for the needs and regulations of your specific building. We achieve this through a proactive Integrated Pest Management approach—eliminating pests, their harborage areas and entry points to your business. This gives you maximum effectiveness with minimal treatment. It’s also an environmentally-responsible approach with your property’s health and safety, both physical and financial, at the forefront. We’ll also offer recommendations relating to sanitation, maintenance, landscaping issues and regulatory compliance.

A few things you should know about Terminix Commercial:

  • More than 150,000 pest control customers place their trust in Terminix Commercial, making us one of the industry’s leaders in providing pest control peace of mind.
  • We know that managing hotel properties present unique pest control challenges. We provide the appropriate documentation, sanitation reports and recommendations to satisfy the needs of inspectors and regulatory officials.
  • We offer non invasive treatments to get rid of all bed bugs -- including state of the art heat treatments that eliminate ALL bed bugs without chemicals.
  • We can develop a thorough and effective pest management program to help you protect your facility and your revenue.

Get pest protection for your hotel.

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