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With 92 years of experience and a commitment to exceeding customer expectations, we offer the best guarantee in the business. Trust Terminix Triad to provide safe and effective pest control solutions in Boone.

Ultimate Protection Guarantee
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Ultimate Protection Guarantee

Rest easy knowing you're covered by the strongest guarantee in the business100% satisfaction or your money back.

90 years of experience
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Over 90 Years of Experience

With over 90 years of protecting families like yours, you can trust Terminix Triad will get the job done right the first time.

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Pest Control in Boone

Here at Terminix Triad, we’ve been helping homeowners in the Triad area enjoy pest-free homes for 92 years. We have the knowledge, expertise, and know-how to eliminate pest infestations and keep them from returning.

Whether you have pests in your pantry, attic, or basement, we’ll take a strategic, targeted approach to eliminate the infestation once and for all. When you partner with us for pest control in Boone, our local exterminators will get rid of several pests, including:

  • Ants
  • Spiders
  • Roaches
  • Silverfish
  • Earwigs
  • Fleas
  • Beetles
  • Centipedes
  • Stinging Insects
  • And more!


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    Pest Control Doesn't Have to be a Hassle

    We understand that as a homeowner, you have a lot on your plate. More than likely, dealing with pests doesn’t make the cut on your to-do list. Our pest control professionals will take care of the problem so you don’t have to. We know your time is important, so - in addition to taking care of the pest problem - we gladly take responsibility for following up, scheduling appointments, and keeping you informed throughout the entire treatment process.

    Your Family’s Safety is Our Exterminator's Priority

    We take the safety of your family and pets seriously. Our pest control in Boone will eliminate pests quickly and efficiently without posing any unnecessary threats to your loved ones. How do we do this? 

    • Our pest control services are both family-friendly and environmentally responsible.
    • We target our pest treatments only at the sites where pests are present.
    • We use preventive barriers to eliminate the chance of future infestations.
    • Our proven methods are designed to ensure long-term relief. 

    Termite Exterminator in Boone

    When looking for termite control in Boone, you want to make sure you choose the best company. Termites are destructive -- causing billions of dollars worth of damage to homes every year. Don't run the risk of termite damage - let Terminix protect your home. We will:

    • Inspect your home from top to bottom, inside and out, to determine the severity of the termite infestation.
    • Based on what we find, we'll create a customized termite treatment plan to fit the needs of your home.
    • We'll then install our signature baiting and monitoring system to give your home year-round protection. 
    • You'll be left with a termite-free home that is being monitored and protected every month of the year.

    Termite Exterminator That Offer Hassle-Free Termite Services

    We understand that you’ve got a busy schedule and that dealing with termite control isn’t exactly how you want to spend your free time. With our termite control in Boone, you have one less thing to think about. We promise to always return your call as quickly as possible and will even remind you when it’s time to schedule your next termite control appointment. The best part? You don’t even have to be home for the exterior termite treatment!

    Get the Peace of Mind Knowing Your Home is Protected From Termites

    Your satisfaction with our termite services isn’t something we take lightly. In fact, all of our termite treatment services are backed by the Terminix Ultimate Protection® Guarantee. This includes:

    • Free termite inspections!
    • Free re-treatments and unlimited repairs on any new termite damage 
    • The best service possible from knowledgeable termite exterminators 
    • $100 off termite control coupon to help you save money

    Bed Bug Exterminator in Boone

    You want your home to be a place of comfort—unfortunately, when you have bed bugs, it's the opposite of that. Here at Terminix Triad, our bed bug exterminators work to make our treatment process as timely, reliable, and non-invasive as possible.

    • First, we offer free inspections that are swift but thorough. 
    • Then, we'll come up with a strategic treatment plan to completely eliminate the problem.
    • What does this mean for you? You'll be able to enjoy your home again no time!

    Fast, Convenient Treatment

    The only thing worse than finding out your home has a bed bug problem is waiting around for the problem to be taken care of. Here at Terminix Triad, our bed bug exterminators will formulate a plan of action as soon as you give us a call– that way you can rest assured that you’ll be sleeping peacefully in no time.

    Relax Knowing Your Family is in Good Hands

    With 90 years of experience in the industry, we’ve not only learned the best methods, but we’ve also learned how to make our treatments safer for your family. Our bed bug treatment in Boone will rid your home of bed bugs, but won't cause any unnecessary harm to your loved ones. You can have the peace of mind that your family and furry friends are protected!

    Mosquito Control in Boone

    Although mosquitoes are notorious for their itchy bites, they should be known more for being extremely dangerous. Mosquitoes can carry and transmit many different viruses and diseases that can put your family at risk. If you would like to add an extra layer of security to your yard this spring and summer, consider professional mosquito control in Boone from your friends at Terminix Triad!

    Recurring Treatments To Keep Mosquitoes Out All Season

    The frustrating thing about mosquitoes is that they just keep coming back. Their life cycles allow them to breed quickly, so recurring treatments are necessary to keep them in check for the long haul. Here at Terminix Triad, we offer monthly mosquito treatments in Boone that will help:

    • Reduce the existing mosquito population in your yard
    • Prevent future eggs from hatching
    • Keep your landscape mosquito free

    Our minimally-invasive treatments are hard on bugs but safe for your family! You can relax knowing that our mosquito exterminators always treat your yard and family as if they were our own.

    You Can Count on Us For Fast Relief

    When you have mosquito problems, you don’t want to wait around for treatment. We provide fast, efficient treatments that will give you immediate relief. Give us a call today and we’ll be at your home within 72 hours so you can enjoy your yard in no time. If you are planning on having an outdoor party or event, you may want to consider a professional treatment to keep mosquitoes off of your guest list!

    Wildlife Control in Boone

    Here in Boone, wildlife sightings are common due to our heavily wooded habitat. Unfortunately, this means a wildlife infestation in your home can be common, too.  A wildlife infestation is dangerous because wild animals can transmit diseases to your loved ones, in addition to gnawing through wiring in your home and causing electrical issues.

    If your home has been invaded by wildlife animals, it’s time to take action ASAP. Here at Terminix Triad, we offer wildlife control in Boone so your family can be protected from the dangers of an invasion. Our wildlife exterminators in Boone will eliminate the following animals from your home:

    • Squirrels
    • Birds
    • Opossums
    • Raccoons
    • Skunks
    • Snakes
    • Bats
    • And more!

    Thorough Wildlife Removal and Prevention

    Here at Terminix Triad, we don’t just eliminate wildlife invasions, we prevent them as well. Our wildlife removal services consist of a multi-faceted approach that is customized to your home’s individual infestation. When you partner will us for wildlife control, we will:

    • Safely trap and remove any wildlife that has snuck into your home.
    • Utilize one-way exclusion devices that let animals leave your home but deny them re-entry.
    • Use baits and other tools to eliminate pest threats and keep them gone.
    • Seal and secure any entry points around your home that wildlife may be using.

    Our two-step approach of elimination and prevention is guaranteed to keep wildlife away from your home. There’s no better choice than Terminix Triad for wildlife control services!

    Ant Control Services

    One ant in the kitchen can quickly become hundreds, or even thousands, as they way their way into your home. The sheer number of ant colonies can make eliminating them on your own nearly impossible. That’s when it’s time to trust in our ant control services in Boone. Our ant removal experts will remove existing ants while preventing future infestations, giving you lasting relief from pesky ants.

    Guaranteed Relief from Ants

    Ants can hide in a variety of hard-to-reach places,  including inside walls, behind kitchen cabinets, under bathtubs, and even inside refrigerators. This makes them extremely difficult to eliminate without a proper inspection, which is included in our ant control services. Instead of struggling with ineffective DIY remedies, trust our team of local experts with over 92 of experience here at Terminix Triad.

    When you partner with our ant exterminators in Boone, you’ll receive:

    • Open, honest communication: We’re dedicated to keeping you informed, which is why we always give you a recap of your service.
    • Guaranteed relief from ants: If your ant infestation persists, our pest control technicians will happily return to re-treat at no additional cost to you.
    • $50 off your service: Sign up for our ant control service and receive $50 off your initial service!

    Common Types of Ants in Boone, NC

    Our team of professional pest removal experts have experience getting rid of any type of ant that is commonly found in Boone, NC, including:

    • Fire Ants
    • Sugar Ants
    • Pavement Ants
    • Carpenter Ants
    Cockroach Control in Boone

    Cockroaches are one of the toughest pests that can enter your home, and one of the most common. Not only are cockroaches unsettling, but they can also spread diseases like salmonella, staphylococcus, and streptococcus, putting the health and safety of your family at risk. For a cockroach-free home that you can feel comfortable in, rely on our cockroach control services in Boone NC.

    Cockroaches usually enter your home in search of shelter, food and water, and once they’re in, they can be hard to get rid of. There are a variety of roaches that are found in Boone NC, like the American cockroach, and we have experience with all of them.When you choose our cockroach control services, our experienced pest control exterminator will:

    • Conduct a thorough pest inspection for signs of cockroach activity to determine where they’re hiding and how they’re getting inside.
    • Create a custom, minimally-invasive treatment plan to eliminate current cockroaches.
    • Take preventative measures to ensure cockroaches cannot return, stopping future infestations in their tracks.
    • Give you our satisfaction guarantee, which includes free re-treatments if necessary.
    Rodent Control in Boone

    The fight against rodents goes back centuries. As disease carriers, rapid reproducers, and property destroyers, rats remain an enemy to the health and safety of households. In fact, rodents are known to transmit Hantavirus, Salmonella, and Rat-Bite Fever among other dangerous diseases. They also destroy insulation and chew through wires, putting your home at risk of an electrical fire. If you have detected signs of rodents in your home, it is never too early to get the help of professional rodent exterminators at Terminix Triad. Protect the health and safety of your home with our highly effective rodent control in Boone!

    Get Rid of Rodents in Boone NC With Expert Help

    There is nothing more reassuring than having an expert on your team. When you partner with Terminix-Triad, you are working with a pest control company that has over 92 years of experience and rat exterminators who participate in continued training each month. You can trust our rat and mouse experts to provide the following services as efficiently and effectively as possible:

    • A thorough rodent inspection
    • A rodent removal plan customized to meet your needs
    • Eliminative and preventative treatments to ensure lasting rodent relief
    • Tri-annual rodent treatment for as low as $35/month with our Bronze Plan
    • Expert advice on how to keep rodents away for good
    • Free re-treatments until you are 100% satisfied
    Your Satisfaction, 100% Guaranteed

    We understand that when you choose a pest control company, you want to choose one that you can trust. That’s why we back all of our pest services in Boone with the Terminix Ultimate Protection Guarantee. We promise you’ll be 100% satisfied with our services, and if you're not, we’ll apply free re-treatments until you are. Your satisfaction is that important to us.

    Areas We Service Out Of Boone

    Not In Boone? See If You're Located Within Our Service Area

    We're proud to service a number of communities out of our office in Boone! It's our aim to provide the highest-quality localized services in and around greater Boone, which is why we offer:

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    The service guys are always nice and do a fine job.they are very cooperative

    Nearldean Pierce
    5 Star Review

    The technician was very thorough with his treatment of carpenter ants and bees. Appreciate his attention to detail.

    Tracy Smith
    5 Star Review

    What a great company! Our exterminator is Michael Shepherd...Michael looks after us and our property with not only his professionalism but has a great personality. Eager to share his knowledge and expertise. We are new to the area and he and Terminex was highly recommended. Always on time. We definitely made the best choice. I would highly recommend. 5 stars all the way!

    Penny Evans
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