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Don't Let Pests Become a Tenant.

Pests worm their way into properties no matter how clean your tenants are. By the time you’ve spotted a pest, it may be too late. There could be hundreds living just out of sight. Relax, the experts at Terminix Triad are here to help!

Property Management Pest Control

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Few things can damage a property’s reputation or occupancy levels faster than a pest problem. Pests can:

  • Lead to calls from unhappy tenants.
  • Cause tenants to move out or not renew their lease.
  • Make it difficult to attract new tenants.
  • Introduce diseases and bacteria into your property, creating a potential health risk.

Integrated Pest Management Approach

Rest assured that our pest control experts will develop a solution custom-built for the needs and regulations of your specific building. We achieve this through a proactive Integrated Pest Management approach—eliminating pests, their harborage areas and entry points to your business. This gives you maximum effectiveness with minimal treatment. It’s also an environmentally-responsible approach with your property’s health and safety, both physical and financial, at the forefront. We’ll also offer recommendations relating to sanitation, maintenance, landscaping issues and regulatory compliance.

What to Know About Terminix Commercial

  • More than 150,000 pest control customers place their trust in Terminix Commercial, making us one of the industry’s leaders in providing pest control peace of mind.
  • We are the preferred provider for property management companies.
  • At Terminix Commercial, we know that managing residential and business properties presents unique pest control challenges.
  • We offer exclusive, non invasive treatments for bed bugs.
  • We can develop a thorough and effective pest management program to help you protect your property and your revenue.
  • All of our services are backed with the strongest guarantee in the industry.

Let us design a custom solution for your property. 

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