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Your Trusted Pest Control Provider in the NC Triad

Serving more than 17 counties in the Triad since 1932, no one knows pest control in North Carolina better than Terminix Triad. With 85 years of experience under your belt, there's no infestation our experts can't handle.​

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Ultimate Protection Guarantee

Rest easy knowing you're covered by the strongest guarantee in the business -- 100% satisfaction or your money back.

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Over 85 Years of Experience

With over 85 years of protecting families like yours, you can trust Terminix Triad will get the job done right the first time.

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Pest Control in Lexington

If pests have made their way into your home, we understand you want the problem taken care of as soon as possible. The pest professionals at Terminix Triad are here to help with our fast and effective pest control in Lexington! With decades of experience and constant training, we'll guarantee your home is in good hands.

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We'll Get Rid of Pests ASAP

If you’re searching for a hassle-free pest control solution for your home, look no further than our pest control in Lexington. Our team of expertly trained exterminators will set up a service appointment that fits your schedule, providing hassle-free service that works. Backed with 85 years of experience and a 100% satisfaction guarantee, Terminix Triad is committed to providing you the best service in the industry. So, find out what we’re all about--and schedule your free inspection!

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Your Family’s Safety Is Our Top Priority

When searching for a pest company, chances are you're looking for:

  • Services with guaranteed results
  • Treatments that are safe for your family and pets
  • Professionals that are friendly, smart, and have your best interest at heart

When you partner with Terminix, you'll get all of that and more. Safety is our number one concern when treating your home--so we only apply our carefully crafted treatments in areas as needed. We highlight prevention as the safest guard against pests and establish barriers to stop future problems before they start. 

Pest Control Lexington NC Services for Your Convenience - Speedy Service!

Pest infestations can quickly multiply--that’s why we promise to always to return your call fast with a scheduled service appointment. By setting up a free inspection immediately after you call, we’ll get ahead of the problem, making sure your home is comfortable and pest-free, as soon as possible. Our Lexington pest control is designed to quickly and efficiently eliminate pests, such as:

  • Ants
  • Spiders
  • Roaches
  • Silverfish
  • Earwigs
  • Fleas
  • Beetles
  • Centipedes
  • Stinging Insects
  • And more!

Our Ultimate Pest Protection Guarantee

You want a local pest service that gets the job done-- we get it. All of our pest services in Lexington are backed with the Terminix Ultimate Protection Guarantee so you can feel confident that you'll get the results you want. If you aren’t 100% satisfied with our services, our customer service will make it right!  We’ll apply free re-treatments until your pest problem is resolved.

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Termite Control in Lexington NC

Our weather here in North Carolina is beautiful -- we get a taste of all of the four seasons, and we have the most beautiful spring and summer! Unfortunately, termites are especially active here due to our warmer, humid climates. Did you know a homeowner who suffers from termite damage will spend an average of $3,000 on repairs? You know what they say -- an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! Let Terminix Triad put the preventative measures in place to protect your home from costly termite damage. 

Relax Knowing Your Home Is Protected

We know that a well-protected home is the result of a variety of factors -- including state-of-the-art methods, thorough inspections, and highly trained exterminators. With our termite control in Lexington, you'll get: 

  • A thorough termite inspection in and around your home from one of our expert termite exterminators 
  • A minimally invasive termite baiting program that targets termites in their habitat
  • A liquid defense system that affects the termites as soon as they pass through the treatment zone
  • The peace of mind knowing your home will be treated by state-certified exterminators
  • $100 off your termite treatment plan when you give our office a call today at 336-621-7070 

Unlimited Termite Damage Repairs

Our termite control in Lexington is backed by the strongest guarantee in the industry. We value your satisfaction, and because of that, we promise unlimited repairs on any new termite damage at any point during your coverage, at no extra charge to you!

Mosquito Control in Lexington

Mosquitoes are a problem all throughout the south, and if you’ve spent even one summer in North Carolina, you know how much of a pain they can be. Professional mosquito control in Lexington can provide you with season-long relief from disease-carrying mosquitoes and protect your loved ones from itching the summer away. Our mosquito control treatments in Lexington will:

  • Reduce the existing mosquito population
  • Protect your family with minimally invasive methods
  • Interrupt the mosquito population's breeding cycle
  • Keep mosquitoes out for the long haul 

Protect Your Family from Disease-Carrying Mosquitoes

The Zika virus has been all the rage in the news the last few years, but mosquitoes can carry many more diseases than just Zika. Mosquito bites can transmit other scary diseases such as West Nile and Malaria.  Our mosquito control treatments in Lexington add an extra layer of protection to your yard, so your family has a smaller chance of exposure to their bites and the diseases they transmit.

Recurring Mosquito Treatments Provide You Season-Long Relief

You don’t want to get rid of mosquitoes for just a week--chances are you want them gone all season long. To keep your yard mosquito-free all summer and fall, we provide recurring treatments that keep them at bay for the long term. Because mosquitoes can breed rather fast, it’s important to regularly treat your yard and make it an environment where they can’t reproduce. With our recurring treatments, you can enjoy your backyard all summer without fear! 

Bed Bug Control in Lexington

If you suspect an infestation in your home, there’s no need to suffer any longer. With over eight decades of experience making homes bed-bug free, you and your family can trust the Terminix Triad team to make your home safe and comfortable again. The first step to treating your problem? A complimentary inspection from our bed bug exterminators.

Do These Bed Bug Signs Sound Familiar?

An inspection to determine your infestation is key in treating your problem. Here at Terminix Triad, our exterminators are trained to identify even the smallest signs of bed bug infestations, including:

  • Tiny, rust-colored stains on bedding
  • Itchy, sometimes painful, red welts
  • Eggs and small bugs hidden in mattresses and furniture

After our detailed inspection, we'll use the most advanced methods to take care of your infestation fast -- before it spreads to other rooms in your home. With our bed bug treatments in Lexington, you'll get the sleep you deserve, without tossing and turning. 

Family-Friendly Treatments for Your Peace of Mind

We understand that one of your top priorities when treating your house is the safety of your loved ones. Don't worry, it's ours too! Our bed bug treatments in Lexington are extremely effective in eliminating bed bugs but won't expose your family to harsh chemicals. We use non-invasive, but highly effective, heat bed bug treatments to protect the people you love. After all, we have families too, and would never treat your home with anything we wouldn't use in our own homes.

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Wildlife Control in Lexington

If you suspect a wildlife infestation in your home, you must act fast. Aside from leaving droppings and contaminating your home, wildlife animals also carry and transmit an array of different diseases, including rabies, salmonella, E-Coli, and more.  Don’t run the risk of an unsanitary home for your children and pets a second longer. The experts at Terminix Triad can safely trap and remove:

  • Snakes
  • Skunks
  • Raccoons
  • Squirrels
  • Birds
  • And more

Protect Your Family from Dangerous Diseases

Here at Terminix Triad, we’re experts in every step of the wildlife control process. From inspection to the identification of nests to removal, our experts are equipped to deal with even the worst of wildlife problems. Here’s what you can expect from our wildlife removal in Lexington:

  • A thorough inspection of your home and any infested areas
  • An expert technician that is both knowledgeable and friendly
  • The use of traps, baits, and exclusion devices to remove wildlife
  • Total elimination and safe removal of all wildlife in your home

Eight Decades of Wildlife Control Experience in Lexington

When it comes to wildlife control in Lexington, the terrain can often be unexpected. Between the difference in homes, types of animals, and the best treatment method, each job is a little different than the last. So when it comes to your home, wouldn’t you rather trust the company that has seen it all? As a locally owned and operated company with more than 85 years of experience, you can bet that there’s no pest problem we haven’t already encountered. And with this experience comes the knowledge to treat your home with the most effective methods possible. Don’t waste your time working with a company that may have to come back. Trust the experts at Terminix Triad for all your wildlife control needs in Lexington!

Ant Control in Lexington

At Terminix Triad, over 85 years of ant control experience have made us the most trusted name in the business. No other pest control company in Lexington brings the experience, expertise, and care that Terminix Triad will bring to your home. Ants are the number 1 nuisance pest in the country and make up the vast majority of local pest problems. A single colony can number up to 500,000 ants! Our highly trained and licensed pest control exterminators utilize eco-friendly pest treatments that will provide the relief you need while keeping you and your family safe. 

With every Terminix Triad ant treatment, our ant exterminators will provide the following:

  • A thorough ant inspection to identify where ants are entering your home and where they are living. 
  • Eco-friendly treatments for both your family and your pets.
  • 100% guaranteed results! If your ant infestation persists, our pest control exterminators will return to re-treat your property at no additional cost.

Terminix Triad’s Ant-Free Guarantee

We take pride in our results and stand behind our ant control services 100%. If you are dissatisfied with the results of our ant control treatments in your home, we pledge to do everything we can to make things right for you and restore your peace of mind. Our pest control exterminators will promptly return to re-treat any affected areas at no additional charge.

Lexington’s Most Trusted Cockroach Control

The common American Cockroach lays an average of 150 eggs over the course of its year-long lifespan. And roaches rarely invade your house alone. With that many offspring over a short time, a roach infestation can get out of control fast. Cockroaches are determined and resilient pests that require expert control to fully remove. At Terminix Triad, our pest control services take an aggressive, proactive treatment to cockroach control that will eliminate any infestation in the home quickly and effectively. With every cockroach treatment program from Terminix Triad, will receive:

  • A top-to-bottom pest inspection of your home to determine the extent of your roach infestation.
  • Vacuum treatment to immediately remove all easily accessible roaches.
  • Preventative treatment of all likely cockroach hiding places.
  • Installation of bait traps to kill any remaining roaches.
  • Application of insect growth regulators for long term control of roaches and other household pests.

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Save on North Carolina’s Best Roach Control 

Very few household pests are more distressing than cockroaches. They’re attracted to almost everything in your home, including water and soap, and frequently seek shelter indoors as temperatures drop. Once roaches find a reliable food source in your home, they’re difficult to get rid of. Our cockroach exterminators in Lexington have been eliminating cockroaches from homes for over 85 years and are here for you when roaches come calling!

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed

Here at Terminix Triad, all our pest control services in Lexington are backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee -- giving you total peace of peace of mind. If you continue to notice signs of pests after treatment, we’ll return to retreat at no cost to you until the problem is resolved -- or your money back!  

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