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Reduce Moisture – Protect Your Family

Protecting your home properly is a huge responsibility. It’s more than just staying on top of your landscaping or keeping the kitchen tidy; it’s about taking the proper precautions to maintain your home for years to come. One of the ways you can better protect your home is by controlling the amount of moisture that permeates your home’s crawlspace. We are happy to provide Triad area homeowners with highly effective humidity control services. 

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Moisture Control Services in the NC Triad

Technician examining for moisture

Eliminating excess moisture in your home is all about making sure your crawl space or basement is properly fortified to deal with the presence of humidity or standing water. We know that no two houses are alike, so we always create a moisture control solution that meets the needs of your individual home. 

Avoid Pest Infestations & Mold Build-Up

Not only does moisture cause damage to your home, but it can also lead to insect infestations and mold buildup. To make your home more comfortable, and protect you in the long run, our team of experts will fully encapsulate your home’s crawl space. Our dehumidification service includes:

ŸHigh-Density Vapor Barriers 

First, we cover your crawl space with a thin, durable polyethylene sheeting that prevents water vapor from affecting the wood structure of your home. Vapor barriers are installed in the crawl space of your home to prevent excess moisture and reduce the risk of termite infestations.

Certified ENERGY STAR Dehumidifier

To save you money on costly moisture-related repairs, and cut down your spend on utilities, we install a state-of-the-art dehumidifier in your crawl space or basement.

ŸŸInterior Foundation Draining System 

Also known as a French drain, this feature of our moisture control service eliminates standing water from beneath your home to avoid problems with your home’s foundation. It’s not necessary for every Triad home, but is just one more way we can protect you from future damages.

Thorough Annual Inspections

To verify that your dehumidifier is still properly functioning, and your vapor barrier seals are intact, we return each year to inspect your home. We’ll also record any changes in moisture levels and work with you to make sure your home remains well-protected.

Serving the Community For 90 Years

Take care of your home with a company that’s been helping homeowners in the Triad for over 90 years. We think of our customers’ positive reviews of our services as the indicator of our successful services. We hope to provide the same level of quality service to you and your family.

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