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Save up to $50 with Terminix Triad and get rid of pests for good. With 92 years of experience and a commitment to exceeding customer expectations, Terminix Triad provides reliable and effective pest control services tailored to the unique needs of Asheboro residents.

Ultimate Protection Guarantee
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Ultimate Protection Guarantee

Rest easy knowing you're covered by the strongest guarantee in the business100% satisfaction or your money back.

90 years of experience
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Over 90 Years of Experience

With over 90 years of protecting families like yours, you can trust Terminix Triad will get the job done right the first time.

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Pest Control in Asheboro

We understand that when you have a pest problem, you want to get rid of it as soon as possible. If you’re looking for a company you can trust to deliver the quality results you deserve, Terminix Triad's pest control Asheboro services are the way to go! We only hire the best, state-certified pest exterminators to service your home. When you partner with us for pest control in Asheboro, you’ll receive:

  • The best solutions in the industry
  • The highest-quality service you deserve
  • Complete, transparent communication
  • Knowledgeable pest exterminators to answer all of your questions
  • Protection from over 19 species of pests
  • $50 off your initial treatment (new customers only)

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Say Goodbye To Common Pests In Asheboro, NC

Unfortunately, here in Asheboro North Carolina, a big part of owning a home is dealing with pests. Because of our climate, pests are a problem every month of the year. When you partner with Terminix Triad for your pest control in Asheboro, you’ll receive protection from over 19 species of pests common to North Carolina, which include these pests:

  • Ants
  • Spiders
  • Roaches
  • Silverfish
  • Earwigs
  • Fleas
  • Beetles
  • Centipedes
  • Stinging Insects
  • And more!

Get Long-Term Protection From Pests

While we do offer one-time pest control treatments, our exterminators in Asheboro recommend recurring pest plans to ensure your pest problem doesn’t return. Most homeowners don’t realize this, but bugs can lay eggs in your home and reproduce rather quickly, so recurring treatments are key for lasting elimination. Rather than taking the conventional approach of heavy, routine chemical applications, we only apply treatments as needed. By focusing more on prevention and understanding the type of pests you’re contending with, we can better take care of your home without the overuse of harsh chemicals. Eliminating the source of the infestation rather than just treating the infestation leads to more effective results in the long run. With every service visit, our goal is to ensure long-term relief!

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Termite Exterminator in Asheboro

Arguably the most invasive insects in the Triad, termites are notorious for quietly feeding on your home’s foundation. Fortunately, we have yet to meet a termite species that can withstand our comprehensive termite treatments. Through detailed termite inspections, strategic termite barrier applications, and the installation of baiting and monitoring systems, we can guarantee your home is protected.

Termite Exterminators That Get The Job Done Right

We understand that you’ve got a lot going on, and the last thing we want to do is add more to your schedule. We keep it simple by:

  • Offer free termite inspections!
  • Returning your calls as quickly as possible to schedule your free termite inspection. 
  • Reminding you when it’s time for your next termite control service, so you don’t have to remember.
  • Providing service that doesn’t interrupt your day or require your presence 

After your first inspection, all of our termite treatments can be performed without entering your home, so you can continue with your routine without any disruption.

Receive Unlimited Termite Re-Treatments Whenever You Need Them

Not all termite control services in Asheboro come with a guarantee as strong as ours. Backed by the Terminix Ultimate Protection® Guarantee, our termite exterminators are fully committed to your satisfaction every step of the way. How do we do this? By promising unlimited re-treatments on any new termite activity!

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Bed Bug Exterminator in Asheboro

Bed bugs can be things of nightmares, and it's time for a change.  Here at Terminix Triad, our licensed and trained bed bug exterminators are some of the best in the business. Not only do we have over 80 years of experience in the industry--but we also train and educate our employees consistently, so they are utilizing only the most advanced techniques and products in the industry. This way, when you select Terminix for your bed bug control in Asheboro, you know you are getting the best in the business!

Rest Easy with Our Minimally Invasive Bed Bug Treatments

Do you worry you have bed bugs? If you notice signs of an infestation, give one of our bed bug exterminators a call ASAP. We'll complete a complimentary inspection of your home to determine your infestation and its severity. We'll inspect the infected area, and we'll work with you to create the best treatment plan possible. The best part?

  • Our treatments are tough on bed bugs but safe for your family.
  • You can rest assured that your loved ones are in the best hands.
  • We stand behind all of our services, including bed bug treatments.

Sleep Peacefully Again in No Time

Bed bug infestations will be no more!  We have families too, and we know how stressful it is for everyone in your house to lose sleep every night. By using the best available treatments, we promise to make your home a relaxing environment again. Our bed bug control in Asheboro is effective, minimally invasive, and hassle-free. What more could you want?

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Mosquito Control in Asheboro

Mosquitoes love the summer climate of North Carolina. The warmth mixed with the humidity and moisture makes it a perfect atmosphere to breed and thrive. Luckily for you, Terminix Triad has been in the business of helping families just like yours since 1932. We have the knowledge, experience, and know-how to stop mosquitoes right in their tracks. When you sign up for our mosquito package in Asheboro, you’ll get:

  • A free inspection of your yard to determine the extent of the mosquito problem.
  • Minimally-invasive treatments to keep your loved ones safe.
  • A long-term solution to keep mosquitoes at bay.
  • Professional tips and advice from our mosquito exterminators on practices you can implement to minimize the occurrence of mosquitoes.

Mosquito Exterminators That Provide Protection Spring Through Fall

When you partner with Terminix Triad for mosquito control in Asheboro, you’re getting a long-term solution to your problem. During every month of mosquito season, we’ll come to your property and treat your yard on a continuous basis. This will ensure we kill the adult mosquitoes and their larvae, so the problem doesn't just start all over again. Discover what it’s like to enjoy your backyard without the threat of mosquitoes!

Planning a Party? Let Us Help!

If you are afraid of planning an outdoor party because you know mosquitoes will crash the event, you’re in luck. If you give us 72 hours notice, we’ll come to your home and eliminate the existing mosquito population. The guests at your BBQ or party will thank you for choosing our mosquito control in Asheboro. Let us help your party be a success!

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Wildlife Control in Asheboro

When you find wildlife animals in your home, it can cause a great deal of anxiety. After all, they don’t belong in your home, and you definitely didn’t invite them in. Wildlife invasions are especially common during the cooler months when animals such as squirrels, birds, raccoons, and more are looking for food and warmth; however, these infestations can happen at any time. If you suspect wildlife is in your home, here’s what you should keep an eye out for:

  • Chewed wiring and insulation damage
  • Scratching noises on walls and ceilings
  • Rustling noises that are more common at dusk
  • Torn open garbage cans and bags
  • Droppings throughout your home

For just $89, we can be at your home in no time to inspect your home through and through. Should you sign up for our wildlife removal services, we’ll waive that initial inspection fee. 

Wildlife Elimination and Removal that is Fast, Safe, and Guaranteed

If wildlife has found its way into your home, you need to act fast. If left alone, wildlife can cause costly structural damage and continue to reproduce. When you partner with Terminix Triad for your wildlife control in Asheboro, we will be at your home in no time to remove all wildlife in the safest, most effective manner possible. Here’s how our process for wildlife removal in Asheboro works:

  • First, a friendly, knowledgeable Terminix professional will perform a wildlife inspection of your home to check for entry and exit points, nests, attractants, and more.
  • Based on our findings, we’ll create a safe, effective wildlife removal plan that we will run by you. We promise to keep you in the loop the entire removal process!
  • We’ll trap and remove all wildlife currently in your home, using specialized exclusion devices. Because we have access to the best resources in the industry, we can ensure the safest removal.
  • Lastly, we’ll patch, seal, and secure your home so that wildlife animals cannot get back inside. You’ll be left to enjoy a secure, calm, wildlife-free home!

Get $50 Off Wildlife Control Today!

Don’t Risk Your Safety, Let Us Help With Our Wildlife Removal and Control

While baits and traps that you can buy at the store may seem like a better, cheaper option, the truth is you shouldn’t try to handle a wildlife infestation on your own. These kinds of animals are not only extremely unsanitary but if provoked, they can also attack. Don’t attempt to handle this on your own--let the professionals at Terminix handle your wildlife removal in Asheboro. Our exterminators undergo year-round training to keep them up-to-date on the latest treatments and exclusion methods so that we can eliminate your wildlife problem in the safest way possible.

Rodent Exterminator in Asheboro

Are you tired of sharing your home with unwelcome guests? Say goodbye to rodents and hello to peace of mind with Terminix Triad, your trusted rodent exterminator in Asheboro, North Carolina. We understand that when it comes to your home, nothing matters more than the health and safety of your family. That's why we're here to help you take control of your living space and eliminate those pesky rodents once and for all.

  • Free Rodent Inspection: Our team of experts will conduct a thorough inspection of your home, leaving no corner unturned. We'll identify the extent of your infestation and locate common entry and exit points, ensuring a targeted approach to rodent control.
  • Exterior Rodent Baiting: Using our advanced techniques, we strategically place bait stations around the perimeter of your home, preventing rats and mice from even thinking about entering your sanctuary.
  • Interior Trapping: We don't just focus on the outside; we'll also set up traps inside your home to ensure that any rodents that have already made their way in are swiftly and effectively removed.
  • Rodent Exclusion: Prevention is key, and with our state-of-the-art exclusion techniques, we'll seal off any potential entry points, making sure those critters can never wreak havoc again.
  • Ongoing Monitoring: Our commitment to you doesn't stop at rodent removal. We'll continue to monitor your home to ensure it remains pest-free, giving you the peace of mind you deserve.

At Terminix Triad, we believe in complete transparency, providing you with open and honest communication every step of the way. With over eight decades of experience, we're the experts in pest control that you can trust. We guarantee our services, meaning we'll do whatever it takes to ensure your rodent problem is resolved, including re-treating at no additional cost.

Don't wait another day to take back control of your home. Call us today and let Terminix Triad be your partner in rodent control and removal. Say goodbye to the squeaks, scurries, and sleepless nights, and hello to a pest-free, blissful environment. Your home deserves it, and so do you.

Ant Control in Asheboro

Here in the central region of North Carolina, we are no stranger to ant infestations during warmer months of the year. Totaling numbers in the thousands, ant colonies can quickly take over your home, causing a frustrating situation. Look no further for your solution — Terminix Triad is well-trained to keep ants far away from you and your family! When you partner with us for ant control in Asheboro, you will receive the following:

  • Effective treatment methods by our well-trained ant exterminators to provide you with long-term relief 
  • A 100% satisfaction guarantee — if your ant infestation persists after treatment, we will return to your home and provide re-treatments free of charge
  • $50 off a full service, one-stop-shop pest control plan to make sure you are protected against ants and many other pests

Don’t Let Ants Get Out of Control

Ants are small, but they bring large, incessant problems to you and your family. Contaminated food isn’t always the biggest worry — ants that nest in wood can cause structural damage to your home without you knowing about it. Fire ants and other biting ants, a common nuisance in NC, will bite humans when they feel threatened. Don’t let these small pests threaten your family and home — our ant control in Asheboro is here to help!

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Cockroach Control in Asheboro

Taking up residence wherever there is warmth, food, and shelter, cockroaches commonly make their way into your home, disturbing your peace of mind. These resilient pests require tough, effective cockroach treatments. Look no further for fast relief from disease-carrying cockroaches — Terminix Triad is here to help! We are offering $50 off cockroach control when you sign up for one of our year-long pest control plans! Our expert team will not only eliminate existing cockroach problems in your home, but make sure all common household pests stay out throughout the year.

When you sign up for one of our pest control packages for cockroach control in Asheboro, you will receive:

  • A thorough inspection of your home and treatments using an Integrated Pest Management strategy to solve the current problem and protect against future ones. 
  • Free re-treatments if the cockroach infestation persists after initial treatments, providing you with a 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • $50 off your treatment when you submit a contact form online or mention the offer when you call us at 877-372-9696.
  • Solve your cockroach problem with help from your local cockroach exterminators!

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Worried About Your Family? Don't Be.

Here at Terminix, we have been serving the Triad Region of North Carolina for over 90 years. In those 90 years, we have developed great relationships with our neighbors and fellow supporters of the community. While our goal is to eliminate your pest problem fast, we also want to make sure your family, pets, and the environment are safe throughout the process. We do this by offering minimally invasive pest services in Asheboro that do not sacrifice results. We understand the safety of your family is your number one priority—and you don't have to worry-- because it’s ours too.

Your Pest-Free Home is 100% Guaranteed

Choosing Terminix Triad to protect your home means that your service is guaranteed by our Ultimate Protection Guarantee. We are so confident that you will be pleased with the results of our service, that our exterminators in Asheboro will be happy re-service for your home for free if you aren’t. You deserve results, and we’re here to give them to you.

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5 Star Review

The Representative, Assistant manager, came to the house for the quarterly service, I did have additional problem with the ants in my bathroom. He sprayed all around the area and said if they were not gone in a few days to call again and they would put Jel bait down in the area. Also wanted him to rebate my Mouse bate in the garage. He inspected to see if there were any mice and did not find any in the garage. He then went and completed the quarterly service. He was very thorough and very informative. Thank you

cynthia interlandi
5 Star Review


Gospelway Baptist Church
5 Star Review

Great responsive, respectful service for many years!

Margot Jozefowicz
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