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American Cockroaches
American Cockroaches

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The American cockroach, also known as the waterbug, is the largest species of common cockroach. They are generally an outdoor species, living in wood piles, decaying trees, palm trees and in sewer systems.

American Cockroaches eat almost anything, including meats and grease, starchy foods, sweets, baked goods, leather, wallpaper paste, bookbindings, and sizing. No one wants cockroaches invading their home, learn more about how you can get rid of these pests with pest control service. 

Pest Identification


Up to 2 in.


Reddish brown

Body Structure

Oblong-oval body with antennae and yellow band behind the head.


Females lay an egg case, containing anywhere from a dozen to 16 eggs, and then carry the egg case on their abdomens before depositing it near a food source. Eggs hatch after around 60 days, although it takes one year for the nymphs to reach adulthood. Females may lay anywhere from 15 to 90 egg cases in a lifetime.

Habitat & Behavior

American cockroaches are often found damp, dank areas--basements, near water pipes, boiler rooms, etc. One may also find them inhabiting landscaping around a residence. Although they primarily stay outdoors, they may invade a home if the climate changes or food runs low. Inside homes, they may be found lurking in food preparation areas. Unlike some other species, the American cockroach is capable of flight. In addition, whereas other roaches tend to hide in nooks and crannies, American cockroaches tend to congregate out in the open.

Prevention & Treatment

Sealing cracks and crevices around doors and pipes is a good prevention tool. American cockroaches also tend to enjoy sweet foods, so keeping food preparation areas clean is key to preventing infestation, too. Even though you’re more apt to see an American cockroach during daylight hours than other roach species, they are evasive. So, seeing one cockroach may be indicative of a much larger problem. Although there are a number of do-it-yourself treatments out there, such as roach foggers, they can be ineffective if administered improperly. What’s more, they can be highly toxic to pets and humans. It is suggested that you contact a trained pest control professional if you have spotted cockroaches in your home. Find out more about roach control and extermination options.

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